FAQ – minimfit

  • How can I place an order in minimfit?

The process of purchase in minimfit is very comfortable and simple. Just locate the products you want to purchase and add the amount you want to “add to cart”. Your orders will be accumulating in your cart of the basket and once you have your shopping list you must click on “buy”.

When you are registered, add your shipping information and choose a form of payment: credit or debit card (stripe), paypal or bank transfer. Before you pay you will be able to review, edit and verify your shopping list, shipping details … Once you have made the purchase, you will receive a receipt for it in your email and the tracking of your order.

  • How long does it take to get my order with minimfit?

Each of the products of minimfit has a different delivery period, this is due to the characteristics of the same. All delivery times are detailed in each product’s datasheet.

  • What are the payment options?

The minimfit products can be purchased through the following methods of payment: credit or debit card (stripe), paypal or bank transfer.

All payment methods are connected to a secure server and we encrypt all information, including name, address and bank number. That is, any data, including bank details are automatically encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SLL).

  • Can I cancel or modify my order?

Generally, it is not possible to cancel a purchase once it has been made. However, we recommend that if you want to cancel an order, you can contact us through the customer service (info@minimfit.com) and if your order has not started to prepare, maybe you have time to cancel.

If your order has already begun to prepare, you will receive it in the chosen mode and you have a period of 14 days from the reception of the product to return it, as long as the product has not been customized.

FAQ – minimapp

  • Where is the minimfit application available?

You can download your app for Android and iOS through Google Play or Apple Store, respectively.

  • What benefits does the application have?

The minimapp application takes the experience of indoor cycling to any corner of your house. With it you will have access to more than 12 training plans elaborated by the famous trainer, José Cano. In addition, you can complement the exercise in the minimbike with more than 80 complementary videos with which you can learn to exercise your body with weights or your own body weight.

In addition, our app has a personal trainer of its own with which you can choose between 10 training programs based on your goals and our coach will generate a weekly schedule with routines that combine exercise on the bike, with exercises with the weight of your body and weights in 40-minute sessions to optimize results.

The experience with the minimapp is complemented by the universe of minimfit a space dedicated to the best advice on nutrition, sport and lifestyle.

The app is compatible for iOS and Android devices. To download it you only have to search for “minimfit” in the Apple Store or in Google Play.

  • How much does the application cost?

The download and use of the application is free. Once you synchronize the minimap with your minimbike you can access the multiple workouts, unlock new programs by exercising or pay  0.99€ to access some workouts directly.

If you want to enjoy your personal trainer, when buying your minimbike you will have one month free and later you can choose between a quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription whose prices will be 30€, 45€ and 69€ respectively.

  • I have a minimbike, how can I sync my application?

If you have a minimbike, you simply have to download the minimap on your mobile device or tablet and enter the registration number we will send you from minimfit. Once you validate the code with your minimbike, you can start to enjoy the true indoor cycling experience from any corner of your home.

  • How can I unlock exercise programs?

4 of the 12 exercise programs in the minimbike are blocked, however they can be unlocked by doing 10 times the express versions (20 minutes) of each program or by paying 0.99 € and unlocking them directly. So the HIIT, Hill Climb, Keep Fit and Senior Exercise programs can be unlocked by making 10 times the Express HIIT, Express Hill Climb, Keep Healthy and Keep fit programs.

FAQ – minimbike

  • What are the weight and height requirements of the person using the minimbike?

The minimbike has been designed to be able to be adjusted to the largest possible number of users, so it is adjustable in height both from its seat and its handlebars to suit users from 145cm to 190cm and a maximum weight of 120kg.

  • How should I care for and maintain my minimbike?

The minimbike does not require maintenance, it is simply necessary to replace the batteries (AAA batteries) whenever the minimbike indicates it.

  • What warranty does the minimbike have?

minimfit offers a 2-year warranty for parts and components of your minimbikes (excluding batteries)

  • Can I use it outdoors?

The minimbike can be used in a timely manner outdoors but should not remain outside exposed to inclement weather permanently.

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